10 Cool Modern Brochure Designs for Your Advertisement

Even when we live in an era where social and online presence reigns the realms of advertisement and publicity, brochures will still have a place. Besides giving your audience in depth information on the subject matter, a brochure presents the information in an alluring manner. And, you can achieve all this by designing your brochure using eye-catching colors and unique photographs. For inspiration, today we share with you some of the cool modern brochure designs that you’ll find really helpful.

01. Graviota Brochure

This classic 2-page brochure comes with a spectacular, professional layout thanks to its elegant design that spreads across the cover as well as inner sections. You can leverage its linear design to arrange your data systematically in order to make the information readable and clearer.

02. Leporello Street Art Brochure

Surely,Leporello Street Art is no ordinary brochure. The artistic brochure is what you need to break the monotony of conventional brochure designs. Full of life, fascination and modernity, its geometric outline, solid color shapes as well as white space helps reveal the authentic theme and nature of this cool, modern brochure.

03. Multipurpose Home Modern Brochure

This modern multipurpose home brochure can simplify your graphic designing a great deal. It can help showcase your properties quite appealingly. You can effortlessly customize and edit the brochure to suit your needs. Plus, you can get the high quality brochure design in CMYK 300 dpi and variable colors.

04. Juniper Trifold Brochure

Juniper, a multipurpose modern brochure comes with a professional lettering, paragraphing as well as character style. Definitely, this is one of the versatile, cool modern brochure designs that you can use on virtually any business. Plus, you can effortlessly and effectively edit the brochure thanks to its six distinctive customizable panels.

05. Fashion Brochure

You and I will agree that a good fashion brochure should be as alluring as possible in order to grab the target audience easily. Besides, such a brochure design will ensure the subject matter registers well in your customer’s mind. This fashion brochure comes with a minimal design that will help present your content in a clean and accurate manner.

06. Tonal Brochure

This contemporary tonal brochure design displays a sense of confidence with spectacular style. The brochure will give your work an extra chic feel thanks to its natural leathery texture. With this design, you can organize your content neatly using the soft and pastel color options.

07. Professional Trifold Brochure

If you want to give your corporate advertisement a really professional look, this trifold brochure could be a perfect fit for you. It comes with re-sizable objects and, you can resize the objects without lose of quality. Besides, you can fully modify its design to match your business needs.

08. Abstract Meets Modern

The striking combination of pink and blue colors makes this contemporary abstract brochure look quite lovely. The stylish design makes good use of space, perfect choice of fonts as well as other elements. Plus, it features a specialized section where you can add your headlines or text.

09. Modern A5 Brochure

Compact and artistic, this modern A5 brochure is a perfect fit for your corporate with multiple clients. It features enough space for placement of your images. Indeed, this design will make your brochure stand out from the many of the text-filled kinds of brochures seen out there.

10. Brochure De Cafe

The sight of this lovely brochure will virtually leave you with the flavor and smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Your audience will love the backdrop of professionally styled image of coffee beans on not only the cover but other pages as well.

If you’re planning for an advertising campaign, you’ll find the cool modern brochure designs that we have just shared quite handy. Therefore, let the designs inspire you to create a powerful publicity tool featuring details of your brand in the most alluring manner.