10 Outstanding Super Mario Games of All Times

We wonder where gaming would really be without Mario! The Nintendo’s plump plumber has featured in some of the most iconic games of all time. From the medium-defining Super Mario Bros to the Super Mario 64 open adventuring and, with the Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle together with Super Mario Odyssey just around the corner, Nintendo continues to drive its charm to new, amazingly strange places. With over thirty years’ worth of Mario games to select from, determining which games you actually need to play can be quite overwhelming. It’s for this very reason that today, we’ve rounded up some of the most outstanding Super Mario games to make it easier for you.

Super Mario Land 

Mario’s first appearance is more than just a diluted Super Mario Bros. This light platformer brought in a new art style, presented us with the adored princess Daisy and offered some fun twists on conventional Mario mechanics. Recall the side-scrolling shoot-em-up levels? Actually, Mario Land laid the basis for a succession of excellent handheld Mario titles, which still remains quite popular this far.

Mario Party 2

This game is built on the foundation of the original game by incorporating 65 mini games for a wide range of gamers. Undoubtedly, it involved a bit too much luck. However, it was the best party game on Nintendo 64 at that time. Want to relive the glory? Then, this is one of the most outstanding super Mario games that you should consider. It’s a game that appeared on both the Wii and Wii U virtual consoles. Unlike the original Mario Party, this sequel didn’t come with games that push you to rotate the control stick fast.

Super Mario Sunshine 

Although some folks are divided on the Super Mario Sunshine, it’s undoubtedly one of the most inventive and outstanding Super Mario Games of all time. The 3D escapade takes Mario off the Mushroom Kingdom into the Tropical Isle Delfino, where he has to clear a whole lot of jumbles using FLUDD, his special water-blasting jetpack. The game’s extensive over-world as well as the stash of memorabilia makes it a creditable successor to Super Mario 64. And, the ability to hover around and shoot water gives some thrilling wrinkles to the classic Mario formula.

New Super Mario Bros. 

Unbelievable, New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS was released about 14 years after the release of Nintendo’s classic side-scrolling Mario game. The New Mario Bros. demonstrated that the old formula still worked, sending a 2.5D Mario over colorful multi-levels. And, this came as he contended with Browser and Browser Jr. New power-ups such as the Mega Mushroom and the Blue Shell made Mario feel mightier than ever before. However, they also made the game a bit easier especially for seasoned players.

Super Mario Galaxy 

As of 2007, Mario had already journeyed and hit his way through almost every environment on earth. In essence, time had come to send the Italian plumber into space. The game takes Mario far beyond the stars as he battles it out with Browser on the galactic stage. Super Mario Galaxy’s vast cast of characters including the fan-favorite Rosalina made this game a big hit among fans. Plus, the inventive, challenging, puzzles as well as tight controls gave the title great tribute among players.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

How can you advance one of the most outstanding Super Mario games of all time? Well, this may prove to be quite hard. However, you can at least incorporate Yashi. Super Mario Galaxy 2 takes Mario into outer space once more. While the game’s witty puzzles, extensive worlds as well as space opera storyline felt somewhat familiar, this game was so polished and difficult that no one seemed to care. One of the game’s new features was the reintroduction of Yoshi, Mario’s long-time rideable dinosaur buddy. While the game may not be better compared to the original version, it’s just outstanding.

Super Mario 3D World 

While this game doesn’t utterly recreate the Mario formula, it still remains one of the most fun, colorful and absolutely outstanding Super Mario games of all time. The game builds on the obsessive, isometric Super Mario 3D Land platforming. It offers cleverly crafted levels, entertaining four-player co-op, loads of unlockables as well as some of the finest visuals the game has ever had. What’s more, you can dress up Mario in a cat suit with this game.

 Super Mario Maker 

This is perhaps one Super Mario games that never ends. You can effortlessly create and share your dream Mario levels thanks to the games robust level creator. As a result, you’ll always have a new assortment of creative, charming and generally barbarous stages to play through whenever you hop on. We recommend you play the Wii U version. You’ll love its superior level and sharing tools. However, its 3D equivalent packed in 100 Nintendo-made levels is also a nice alternative.

Super Mario Run


This is perhaps the most crazily addictive mobile games of all time. That’s the case especially if you’re the kind of gamers who’d only proceed to the next level after acquiring the oft-impossible black coin. However, even after beating the solo levels in every single manner possible, you still remain with the ready-for-action Toad Rally together with your very own customizable Mushroom Kingdom. Basically, Super Mario Run easily renders the perfect platform of 2D Mario game into a bite-size mobile experience.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 

Probably, you played the entire Mario Kart 64 collection and found it amazing. However, you may find Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to be just archetypal. Having every character and course opened from the beginning, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a perfect instant party starter game with only two Joy-Cons, even if you’re with your TV or on the go. This is definitely one of the most outstanding Super Mario games on the Switch. Besides, the game’s new battle modes add oodles of replay capabilities. What’s more, you can play the game online, something that Nintendo 64 could never do.