Awesome Real Estate Catalog Designs

Prospective customers have got a number of factors to consider before actually buying properties they’re looking for. Mostly, a client would like to know the property’s location, quality, cost, accessibility and safety before committing to it fully. This helps the client make an informed decision and avoid lasting regrets that may come as a result of discontent on the property being purchased. And, most people would rather obtain such information from a reliable professional real estate agent than do the task by themselves. However, if you’re an agent in the real estate industry, you’ll agree that promoting your services to clients effectively can be quite tasking. It’s for this reason that today, we share with you some of the most awesome real estate catalog designs that you can use to promote your services to the public quite effectively.

Beautiful Green Real Estate Agency Catalog Design

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We all love a clean and beautiful environment and, one way of promoting this is by making our planet green. If you’re a real estate agent advocating for a clean and green world, this catalog design can prove to be handy in the promotion of your real estate agency. It comes with a simple yet alluring design that you can easily customize to match your needs.

Stylish Brown Real Estate Catalog Designs

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This real estate catalog looks elegant and presentable thanks to its alluring brown and white color scheme. Besides, the font chosen for this design matches the color scheme perfectly thus highlighting the catalog’s design effectively. Indeed, if your  property is more on the luxurious side, this should be one of the awesome real estate catalog designs to consider.

Beautiful Origami Real Estate Catalog Design

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The layout and blue color scheme of this catalog design is simply irresistible. This catalog design will help you present your real estate properties to the public in the most alluring manner possible. Whether you’re planning to promote your real estate, apartments, travel agency portfolio or magazine related to the real estate industry, this is definitely a great design choice you need to consider.

Simple Real Estate Catalog Design

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This simple real estate catalog comes with an impressive square layout ideal for presenting images of your properties to the prospects in an alluring manner. However, to give your catalog an uncluttered look, consider limiting the number of images you place per page. Plus, consider using semi-opaque text boxes for your descriptions. This will enhance the clarity and legibility of your text. Besides awesome real estate catalog designs, you can use this layout to create powerful marketing brochures especially in the industry.

Metallic-Themed Real Estate Catalog Template

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Feeling like your real agency services isn’t getting effective publicity? Then, perhaps what you’re missing is marketing toolbox is a powerful catalog. And, this catalog design featuring an awesome metallic theme can prove to be quite handy. You can easily place images of your property together with their descriptions alluringly thanks to its great layout.