Beautiful and Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings to Behold

In fact you can’t be blamed for misconstruing the images below for photographs! But believe us, they aren’t. Each of the images is hand drawn by some brilliant illustrators. And, these artists have utilized their finest pencils and drawing skills to create these awe-inspiring and hyperrealistic pencil drawings. Definitely, you can’t help but stare at these drawings with profound amazement. Plus, if you’re an upcoming artist, you’ll find the drawings really inspiring. Enjoy!

Sensazioni by Diego Fazio

Sensazioni, translated sensations in English, is the title of this amazing pencil drawing. This inconceivable pencil drawing was done by renowned artist Diego Fazio. Interestingly, he happens to have spent about 200 hours doing this complex piece of artwork. Regardless of how much you stare at this image, you can’t believe it is a drawing. Just marvelous!

Shower by Paul Cadden

Looking at this artistic work by Paul Cadden for the first time? Then, it may take you a while before realizing that it is in fact a drawing. All the more astonishing, this hyperrealistic work has been done using just chalk and graphite.

Tiger by Paul Lung

This astounding realistic image featuring a tiger is the craftsmanship of the long-established artist, Paul Lung. The Hong Kong-based artist is known to create amazing hand-drawn artwork featuring realistic illustrations of both humans and animals. Time spent drawing the images varies significantly. And, this depends on the nature of the subject matter in question. In fact, making one cat drawing takes him about 60 hours to have the task done.

Teacher by Robert Eaves

When the Canadian artist Robert Eaves created this gorgeous teacher illustration, it attracted an immense attention almost instantaneously. Definitely, you can figure out why. Indeed, from the time it went public, this amazing image has featured in quite a number of publications. And, it even became one of the 12 award winners in the ArtHere contest held in Canada in 2011.

Steve Puckhurst by Armin Mersmann

Armin Mersmann, a German artist is the guy behind this highly gorgeous, realistic drawing featuring a portrait of Steve Puckhurst. The artist is quite popular for his passionate in naturalistic graphite illustrations. Mersmann’s work has featured in over 150 exhibitions. Besides, it has earned him more than 30 awards.

From the above hyperrealistic pencil drawings, we see artwork at its best. In deed, if you’ll find the hand-drawn illustrations that we’ve just shared not only fascinating but also quite inspiring . Therefore, if you’re an artist, draw inspiration from the drawings to create your very first hyperrealistic pencil drawings.