Best iPhone X Accessories for Amazing Experience

Like other iPhone X predecessors, this latest phone from Apple comes with a host of accessories which you can include in your arsenal to enhance the experience that iPhone X can give you. Whether you’d like to leap into the future with wireless technology, take advantage of  wireless charging or incorporate fun toys in your iPhone X use, there’s virtually everything that you need for great experience. Today, we share with you some of the best iPhone X accessories that will give you great experience.

Merge VR/AR Headset

Since Apple has prioritized AR and VR features precedence with the iPhone X, you’ll undoubtedly like to benefit from these new features. Merge’s VR/AR headset features adaptable lenses that can position your iPhone accordingly. This lets the headset fit your iPhone X’s expanded size. You can comfortably wear the headset for quite long thanks to the soft silicon material it’s made of. Plus, you have a whole range of color options of Merge VR/AR headset to choose from.

Apple AirPods

iPhone X doesn’t feature an inbuilt headphone jack. This has made some iPhone X lovers to consider having wireless options. The wireless AirPods from Apple are not only small and convenient to carry but also come with a charging case. The AirPods come with a W1 chip that makes use of optical and motion sensors to detect when the AirPods are in your ears and offer you with superior sound quality. They also feature a beamforming microphone to filter out background noise. Plus, the AirPods can run for about five hours on a single charge.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio3 are cushioned over-ear wireless headphones that give you amazing listening experience from your iPhone X. It comes with Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling feature that cuts off external noise and preserves clarity. The Beats Studio3 also comes with Apple W1 chip similar to that in AirPods to ensure seamless setup.

Sphero Droids

Are you a StarWars Enthusiast? Then, you’ll find this iPhone X accessory quite amazing. It enables you train your own droid using your iPhone X. With Sphero, you can live out your Jedi fantasies using an app-controlled BB-8, BB-9E, or R2-D2. You can run your droid up to 100 feet across the room with the help of Bluetooth connectivity or relay an important message through hologram. Also, you can let your droid interact with other adjacent app-enabled droids for a really amazing Star Wars experience.  And, since Sphero droids are made using tough plastic shells, there’s no need of worrying about small bumps.

ElevationDock 3

Sturdy and stylish, ElevationDock3 is definitely a great iPhone X accessory that you should consider acquiring. It’s seamless (thanks to the milled aluminium design) with enough room to perfectly accommodate your iPhone X. Your phone will remain scratch-free thanks to the dock’s silicone bumpers.

Mophie Wireless Charging Base

If you’d like to charge your iPhone X easily and amazingly fast without a Lightning Cable, then, this is one of the best iPhone X accessories that you really need. It makes use of Qi Wireless charging technology that offers you up to 7.5 watts quick-charging speeds. Plus, it features a 360 degrees non-slip thermoplastic covering that saves your iPhone X from scratches, besides providing you with a stable charging placement surface.

Moment iPhone Camera Lenses

If you’re planning to use your iPhone X for taking great photos, you definitely need a great camera lens. Such camera lenses present you with amazing capabilities for shooting wide (18mm), superfish (15mm) and macro (25mm) photos. The images you can get with these camera lenses are of remarkable quality.

Zagg InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense

Definitely your dear iPhone X needs a good screen protector. And, Zagg Invisible Shield Sapphire Defense can be the right choice. It gives your iPhone X maximum protection thanks to its tempered glass and sapphire-infused materials. The Sapphire Defense features a figure smudges and scratch resistant oleophobic coating with shock absorbency and disbursement capabilities. Since Sapphire Defense is ultra-HD, your viewing experience won’t be impaired. What’s more Sapphire Defense is one of the best iPhone X accessories that accommodates your iPhone X’s notch and curved edges.

Aukey PA-Y10Amp USB-C Wall Charger 46W

This wall charger features a USB-A and USB-C port thus giving you multiple options for charging your iPhone X. It also supports power delivery which provides 46 watts of power especially via its USB-C port. Although the extra charge won’t carry over to fast charging, you’ll love the convenience of charging two devices at a go.

USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you’d like to benefit from your iPhone X’s fast charging capabilities, this is one of the best iPhone X accessories that you really need to include in your arsenal. You’ll especially like the cable’s compatibility with its own 29-, 61-, and 87-watt USB power adapters. Besides, you’ll be able to use this cable in your Macbook Pros and iMac with Thunderbolt 3.