Best Outdoor Refrigerators for Cool Outdoor Experiences

An outdoor refrigerator can be a great convenience especially during summer and warm climates. However, you need to go for the best outdoor refrigerators if you’d really like to realize the convenience. Such refrigerators come with the right set of features and capabilities that you’re looking for in an ideal fridge. Besides serving you for longer, such outdoor refrigerators come with easier maintenance needs. Today, we present you with some of the best outdoor refrigerators out there that can greatly enhance your outdoor experience during this warm weather.

Blaze 20-Inch 4.1 Cubic Feet BLZ–SSRF–40DH


The 4.1 cubic feet storage of this outdoor compact refrigerator presents you with ample room for keeping all your drinks and flavors cool. The Blaze outdoor refrigerator comes with three changeable wire shelves, three in-door shelves and a can holder for your drinks. You won’t find it hard locating items in your refrigerator thanks to the appliance’s interior lighting. You can easily customize the temperature inside your refrigerator with the help of its modifiable temperature controls. The refrigerator’s field reversible door features a glossy, contemporary straight bar style handle with a lock to make your items secure.

NewAir Dual-zone AWR – 460DB


This NewAir wine cooler presents you with the space and flexibility that serious wine collection requires. You can keep up to 46 bottles in the cooler’s two compartments. The separate climate controls of the two chambers allow you to store red and white wines separately and at the same time maintaining their best serving temperatures. You can opt to build this cooler on an existing cabinetry or use it as a free-standing unit. The unit comes with a sleek black cabinet featuring front venting and a reversible door. This design gives you complete control over where you’d like to place the unit. The interior LED light faintly lights up your wine collection for easier location without necessarily raising up its temperature.

NewAir 19-Inch 3.4 Cubic Feet – AB-1200


This great NewAir beverage cooler is designed in glossy stainless steel that can complement perfectly with your outdoor bar or kitchen. The unit’s seven assorted thermostat controls enables you to custom the temperature of your beverage to your preference. Its LED lighting allows you to view your items in areas with low light ambiance clearly while the defrost feature saves you from worries over frost or ice build-up. This cooler’s five detachable metal wracks help you organize your drinks hassle-free.

Right Hinge RCS 21-Inch Compact Refrigerator


If you’re looking for a way to keep your outdoor kitchen well stocked and ready to rock, then this is one of the best outdoor refrigerators that you really need to consider. It is designed with a compact stainless steel door fitted with a towel bar handle, flexible levers that you can set to your convenient height and a factory-installed door lock to keep your food and drinks safe. The capacious unit is fitted with four adjustable glass shelves for easier configuration and two slide-out drawers that enhance your unit’s storage potential. Plus, this unit comes with remarkable easy maintenance thanks to its automatic defrost feature.

Alfresco 28-Inch 7.2 Cubic Feet Outdoor Refrigerator–URS–1XE


Looking for a true all-weather refrigerator capable of performing perfectly even under extreme temperature conditions? Then this compact outdoor refrigerator could be a perfect fit for you thanks to its all-welded commercial stainless steel design. Its impressive 7.2 cubic feet interior storage presents you with enough space to keep your drinks while the adaptable wire shelves helps you organize the items stress-free.  The unit’s programmable digital thermostat ensures you set the required temperature quite easily. Perhaps the most striking feature with this appliance is its versatility. You can easily change the unit from a refrigerator to a kegerator using the optional keg unit. If you change your mind later on, you can convert the unit back to a refrigerator.

Investing in one of the above best outdoor refrigerators can be a sure way of making your outdoor get-together sheer fun. You’ll be able to serve your guests with entertaining, chilled drinks all day long. This will not only make your outdoor events entertaining but also quite memorable. Therefore, make your pick of the best outdoor refrigerators to enjoy your outdoor partying this season.