Cool Graffiti Fonts You’d Love to Use

Graffiti has a long history with the ancient Greece and Roman Empire architecture featuring lots of its visual examples. Cool graffiti fonts are basically letters that are shabby, scribbled, embellished or marked in any surface. These days, scratching has been replaced with marker pens, spray paints as well as online drawing. Graffiti comes from ‘Graffito”, an Italian term meaning ‘scratched’.

Graffiti writings are closely associated with the hip-hop culture and a range of universal styles based on the kind of graffiti you find in the New York City subway. Some of the most prevalent types of graffiti fonts have their unique names. Graffiti fonts are on a high demand these days owing to this typography’s cool vibe that befits certain kinds of advertising. Today, we feel obliged to share with you some of the cool graffiti fonts that you’d really find worthy incorporating in your graphic design arsenal.

Grungy Graffiti Font

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If you’re planning to give your project a really grungy touch, this is one of cool graffiti fonts you’ll find handy. Besides the grungy touch, this colorful graffiti typography will help give your design project an easy attention-grabbing street or ghetto touch.

Cool Hip Hop Graffiti Font

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Whether you’re working on a hip hop music project or some other graphic design project based on hip hop culture, this highly artistic font will prove to be really helpful. The typography comes with a stylish touch of elegance that will give your work a really compelling look.

Stylish Urban-Art Graffiti Typography

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The lovely expression that this stylish graffiti font comes with is bound to gratify the eyes of your target audience. Use this font in your urban-art design projects and you’re sure to grab the attention of your viewers.

Cool New York Hip Hop Graffiti Font

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If you’re looking for a way to give your design a bold yet compelling look, this is one of the cool graffiti fonts you should consider using. Plus, it comes with an impressive vintage touch that will enhance the look of your project a great deal. This font will especially look great on your hip-hop-cultured projects, logos and many other projects.

Chisel-tip Handwritten Graffiti Typeface

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Perhaps there’s no better way of giving your graphic design projects a cool natural handwritten touch than with this chisel-tip handwritten graffiti font. This font featuring uppercase alphabet is bound to give your work the perfect graffiti touch that you’re looking for.

Decorative Halloween Graffiti Font

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 Whether you’re working on Halloween-related website, app, poster, booklet or any other print project, this is one font you’ll find very helpful. This typography will give your project an artistic touch of elegance that will surely attract the attention of your viewers.

3D Retro-style Graffiti Font

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Using 3D font can be an easy and sure way of making your work stand out and, perhaps this explains why this font is very popular. Besides giving your work a retro touch of elegance, this graffiti font is bound to bring your artwork to life beyond the screen.

Vintage Cursive Graffiti Typography

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Cursive graffiti comes with a unique statement. By using it basically in abstract illustrations, this cool graffiti font can give your artwork a desirable fresh charm. If you’re tasked with creating your next party poster, this is one of the cool graffiti fonts you can use.

Fancy Bubble Graffiti Font

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Fancy bubble graffiti font, as the name suggests, gives a blown font and comprises a blend of colors to create a statement. You can best use this font to make your headlines bold, in your posters as well as video renditions.

Grungy Graffiti Number

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Just like text, graffiti numbers can give your artwork a unique urban touch of elegance. This graffiti number style will give you a new kind of creativity that will make your task not only easy but also appealing.

With the increasing popularity and importance of street art, graffiti remains a serious and creative art form. Therefore, let the cool graffiti fonts that we’ve shared above inspire and give your urban-artwork an extra touch of distinctiveness.