Datally: Google’s New App that Can Save You Meaningful Cash

What’s Datally App?

Google has unveiled a new app that can help you save some serious money. This new app called Datally does this by preventing apps from wasting your valuable mobile data. Once installed, Datally audits the apps running on your phone to determine the kind of data they’re using. Consequently, you can decide on how much data each app should use.

Data Saver Bubble Feature

What’s more, Datally comes with a Data Saver Bubble feature that provides you with your data usage in real time. You can also use this feature to stop an app from using up data. Definitely, carriers have been improving in getting their customers to sign up for unlimited data plans. However, if you’re in a data plan that charges you on basis of the amount of data used, you’ll find the app quite helpful. You can view the apps running at any given time and determine how much data they’re consuming. And, according to Google, the ability to switch off app data usage or reel it back could save you money a big deal. Actually, Google’s own analysis found out that this app can help you save up to 30 percent of mobile data. You can get the app in the Google Play Store.

What Else Can You do with Datally?

Also, you need to note that most of the features that Datally app comes with are already built into Android.  Therefore, you can access features built into Android that show data usage by apps on your mobile. And, you can opt to turn them off. However, since those features are embedded right in the settings menu, Datally helps you control your data usage quite effortlessly. Initially, this app was targeted to the Google Next Billion User initiative, a program aimed at getting individuals in emerging markets around the globe access the web. Such markets are usually characterized by limited internet connectivity and data unavailability thus making an app like Datally quite handy. However, Google’s decision to release the app to all users even those in developed countries shows that Google believes it can help individuals in those markets save some cash too.