Great Landing Page Designs to Allure your Visitors

Ever wondered how today’s popular websites made it to the top? Undoubtedly, like everything else, they must have started on the low before ascending the ladder to where they are currently. And, ever thought how they achieved this? Most likely, they got their break by creating very alluring and stylish landing page designs. Needless to say, your landing page is where visitors to your website first land upon clicking on a link or entering your url on the address bar. Thus, the page should have a trendy design that will captivate your visitors at a glimpse. Today, we share with you some of the great landing page designs that can grab your visitors’ attention instantaneously.

Interactive Landing Page Design

Most people tend to prefer websites with an interactive landing page. Therefore, instead of making your visitors just scroll down to read contents of your webpage, consider giving them something that they can interact with. Indeed, the more interactive your landing page, the higher the likelihood of having an enhanced audience. One way of creating such great landing page designs is by incorporating call-to-action buttons on the page. If possible, consider presenting your visitors with multiple call-to-action options.

Welcome Mats Landing Page Design

Perhaps whenever you hear the word pop-up, you tend to associate it with those annoying ads that you’d always want to block. However, the ones we’re featuring here are quite different from those annoying ad pop-ups. Sometimes called welcome mats, you can use these pop-ups to promote your website, content or for surveying purposes.

Used for survey purposes, welcome mats can help you know what visitors would like to see on your website. Besides, it can give you an idea of what you should do to improve your website.  While use of pop-ups on landing pages is a new idea, it has proved to be one of the great landing page designs likely to trend for long. This can be supported by the high number of sign-ups the design has registered.

Landing Page Design with Testimonials

Landing pages with feedback or testimonials sections remains one of the trending great landing page designs. Including a testimonials section on your landing page presents your visitors with an impression of what people think about your website quite conveniently and instantaneously. This feedback from your gratified customers can help enhance your website trustworthy and attract more visitors.

Minimalist Landing Page Designs

While simple and minimalist landing page designs have been around for some time now, there’s a high likelihood that these designs will remain trendy for quite longer. Remember, one of the reasons people visit websites is to search for information or ideas about something. Thus, even if the website features more of images with little text, such as Pinterest, one can still get information including project ideas and how-tos from such sites. An uncluttered landing page design can be a magical bait for visitors to your website. To achieve such a design, make maximum use of white space, choose single color for your lettering and minimize graphics. Also, make your headlines large and legible, and organize elements on your page perfectly.

Illustrative Process Landing Page

While a written step by step process on a given structure can provide your audience with guidelines on what to do, it’s now a thing of the past. Today, supporting each step of the process with an illustration has become the trend. Even when a process seems complicated, presenting it in a clear manner supported with illustrations can help simplify and make your audience understand it quite effortlessly. And, this can help reduce the learning curve a great deal. To keep your landing page design simple yet compelling, you should consider using flat illustrations in these kinds of great landing page designs.

Split Screen Mode

If you’re looking for a perfect way of organizing your content, this could be one of the great landing page designs you really need to consider. Such a design lets visitors to your sites find particular information quite easily. With this design, you can incorporate assorted information in an organized and easy-to-navigate manner thanks to its multiple columns. The great look that this design gives your landing page can help entice visitors to your website.

More Illustrations, Fewer Still Images

Although use of still photos on landing page remains a good option for conveying information as well as improving a website’s look, most web developers have shifted to use of illustrations over the recent past. With this design and a bit of creativity, you can present your information in a unique yet lively manner. While use of still images compels you to stick with reality, illustrations let you get beyond reality. Besides, illustrations are more alluring and easier to work with than still images.

Auto-play Videos Landing Page

Auto-play videos, also referred to as Explainer Videos in the world of web designing can be a perfect way of conveying information to your visitors without necessarily writing much on your landing page. Letting the explainer videos play automatically on your landing page saves your visitors the time of doing it themselves. You can also opt to let the videos play automatically on your landing page’s background. Once a visitor gets to your landing page, the video plays automatically and loops in the landing page’s background. This makes your landing page look livelier and more compelling.

Flat Icons and Illustrations

Making use of flat icons and illustrations can really enhance the simplicity and look of your landing page. Perhaps this is the reason mobile operating systems have over the last few years replaced icons having lots of shading and reflections with simpler and flatter ones. Flat designs are not only highly adaptable but also sharp and neat. Such designs eliminate all the redundant features thus letting your visitors pay attention to more significant aspects.

It’s our hope that you’ve found the great landing page designs that we have just shared quite inspiring. Therefore, draw inspiration from the design and create a landing page that will not only be trendy but also quite compelling to your visitors. This can be a sure way of enhancing your traffic and prospective customers quite easily.