Great Paid-for Android Apps That You’ll Love to Have

Whether you’d like to give your newly acquired Android Phone some functionality or you just want to include additional functions to your current device, Google Play could be the best and fastest way to do it. Google Play comes with loads of apps that can help you achieve much more with Android than what you can get from an out-of-the-box phone or tablet. While there are vast useful free apps, you can get exceptional paid for apps that can be of great help to you. Therefore, today we share with you some of the great paid-for Android apps that can really enhance your phone’s functionality.

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova is among the first and most liked app launchers in the Google Play marketplace. This app allows you to use gestures to open apps on your home screen. With this app, you can also create assorted apps and folders and hide the apps you do not need. The app also lets you create exceptional scroll effects with your gestures. If you’d really want to be more productive, then this is definitely one of the great paid-for android apps that you should consider acquiring.


This is definitely one of the most useful, great paid for Android apps. Tasker will help you get things done quickly. You can set automated tasks which you can perform whenever you choose. For instance, you can set your Android phone to send SMS messages automatically, open your browser, etc.

Call Guard

Want to block those annoying callers or friends who just won’t stop sending you text messages? Then, Call Guard is one of the best paid-for android apps that you really need to check out. The app enables you to block the unwanted calls, SMS together with MMS.

Pocket Casts

This is an enhanced podcasting app that lets you get all the programming that you need. With Pocket Casts, you can play your favorite shows, save them for future use and manage your subscriptions. Plus, the app even works well with Android Wear in case you’d like to include an Android Smartwatch to your stash of devices.

Weather Timeline

If you’re looking for something more minimalistic, then this could be the right app to consider for your Android. This no-nonsense, ad-free weather app gives you a sleek, location-based display of weather forecasts and alerts. You can save a number of locations and view in-depth daily forecasts. The app features a clean timeline presentation of weather on your phone, while a landscape mode on your tablet displays a range of info graphics alongside the timeline.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika Recipe Manager lets you search for recipes online, clip and save the ones you’ve liked. The app also allows you to sort out recipes according to your taste and use the recipes to create shopping lists. The app’s built-in timers ensure you won’t leave that steak on for so long.


Even when your phone’s stock music is a completely serviceable app in its own capacity, you may still want to check out Poweramp especially if you’re looking for a highly configurable music player filled with oodles of features. It’s one of the most all the rage music player apps on Android. The app boasts compatibility with a wide range of music formats including MP3, OGG and FLAC. Plus, it comes with a 10-band equalizer with a range of presets. You can set it to play your tracks gapless, cross-fade them or download the album.

Solid Explorer

One of the most intriguing features that Android comes with is that you can access the file system and organize your files and docs. While there are lots of free file managers out there that you can use to accomplish this task, Solid Explorer can prove to be exceptional. The striking Android file manager delivers the two-pane interface to your phone or tablet while conforming to a clean material design layout.

You’ll find copying files from different locations super-easy thanks to the app’s two-panes together with drag-and-drop feature. You can even opt to set a panel to browse your cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Drive. The app supports archived files including .RAR, .ZIP and .TAR, and supports a wide range of plugins such as USB OTG support, FTP server, etc.


If you’d like to get better forecasts and up to date information on what’s happening around you, then AccuWeather Platinum is one of the great paid-for Android apps that you really need to check out. This app can serve you with information on conditions down to the street level. It will also send you weather alerts and other information that will help you consider whether to carry your umbrella or not on your trip.

Talon for Twitter

If you’d like to up your game a little bit with twitter, then Talon will prove to be quite handy. The app offers a clean, ad-free design that features Material aesthetics. It lets you access your two accounts concurrently. And, you can effortlessly create common functions with a swipe from the app’s customizable main screen. Talon’s compact view allows for more information on your screen, while the mute options, filters, favorites together with TweetMaker features lets you scroll through your feeds quite fast. Besides, Talon comes with handy built-in media options that let you read articles, view photos, videos and GIF effortlessly.

Light Flow Pro

This app lets you customize LED notification lights on your Android device. It enables you to customize a number of elements including customizing the color exhibited by an app’s notification, changing the colors for particular contact notifications as well as dashing between colors of your active alerts. Together with the wide range of color tweaks, Light Flow lets you set up your vibration and sounds, alongside Android Wear support. Needless to say, you’ll require a device that really incorporates several colors of notifications to benefit fully from this app.


This is an image-editing tool that lets you fix up images of people and faces to get rid of blemishes. The app also enables you to tweak skin tone, enhance a smile, change the look on eyes, etc. You’ll find this app quite handy when it comes to editing your images.

AVG Antivirus Pro

This is one of the most popular security apps that you can consider protecting your new Android device with. The security app comes with antivirus scanning, ability to monitor apps on your device, backup your programs as well as lock down your device the moment your SIM card is replaced. AVG Antivirus pro is definitely one of the great paid-for android apps that you really need to keep your device safe.

The great paid-for android apps shared in this post are likely to enhance the functionality of your device. Therefore, get the great paid-for android apps that appeals most to you and have fun with your new device.