Intriguing Movie Icon Designs

Without doubt, we all love watching movies often. Movies come in a wide range of genres including drama, romance, comedy, sci-fi, horror, documentary and many more. Watching movies can be a nice hobby as it lets you experience a share of life via the link and relatability of characters to the audience. And, with a whole range of movies to watch and characters to play, you have vast ideas and concepts that you may include in your movie and film designs. Compelling movie icon designs is just one of such ideas and concepts.

Today, in this post, we share with you some of the great movie icon designs that we feel you might really like to use in your artwork. To help you get started, we’ve featured icons in the line of movie genres, vintage film equipment, cinema food (which we all enjoy as we watch movies) and much more.

Vintage Movie Icon Designs


Hand-Drawn Vintage Movie Icons


Lovely Movie Icons


Attractive Cinema-Movie Icons


Movie and Cinema Icons


Where Can You Use these Movie Icon Designs?

Wondering where you can use these movie icon designs? Well, possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to design. Through trial and error, and meaningful research, you can convert an idea into a concept and finally execute it into a design. You can use these icons on virtually any kind of print or digital medium, thanks to their high versatility. Thus, you can use the icons as design elements in:

Infographics Designing

Infographics helps you to present your information or data to readers in a concise, simple and engaging manner. You can use these movie icons and imagery to balance out your text-laden infographics. This will not only enhance the readability of your infographic designs but also make it appealing to the target audience.

Visuals for Promotional Materials

You can find these icons quite handy in designing your promotional materials especially in balancing out text in the medium you’re using. However, remember to include call-to-action elements such as website URL and social media accounts in your promotional materials. This lets you get feedback from your readers about the brand and may lead to increased traffic, enhanced exposure of your brand and more importantly help you clarify issues on the brand.

Interactive Designs

Interactive design is a new way of displaying education information, commercial and promotional materials, etc. It lets users to gain a practical experience with the design. For that matter, your interactive design should not only come with a high sense of clarity but also aesthetically appealing. And, these movie icon designs can help you a great deal in this field.

Movie Illustration Icon Set


Glyph Cinema Icons


Movie Icon Designs Pack


Movie Genre Icons


3D Movie Icon Designs


Colorful Cinema-Movie Icons


Flat Movie Icon Set


We hope you’ve found this collection of movie icon designs quite handy. Therefore, use them on your current design project and future projects as well for great and highly appealing artwork.