Most Innovative Technologies of 2017

Razer Kiyo

Looking for a camera that can give you extraordinary images? Then, Kiyo is one of the most innovative technologies of 2017 that you should bank on. The gadget’s uniqueness lies in its 12 LEDs that incorporate a light ring around the camera, for easy bright lighting. And, razer designed Kiyo in such a way that it can brighten up any streamer appropriately. Besides, you’ll love Kiyo’s innovative portable, cylindrical design that lets you place the gadget practically anywhere.

Lego Boost

While there are lots of robot kits for kids out there, Lego Boost is perhaps the most outstanding. This kit makes learning programming concepts easy and sheer fun for young kids. It comes with enough bricks to enable your kids to build selection of five assorted robots or devise their own. Perhaps what makes this kit stand out isn’t the physical design of the bricks and mortar but rather the mobile app that it comes with, which enables your kids to learn coding even if they haven’t known how to read yet. The app presents a coding language that’s designed to be instinctive and friendly to kids, similar to a digital version of the physical Lego Brick.

The app takes your kid through different stages of creating one of the five bots. As the kid does each stage of the build, a virtual hand directs the kid just where to drag a string of simple coding blocks to let the kid learn programming concepts such as loops and functions quite effortlessly. Indeed, Lego Boost doesn’t feature any written or spoken language in its interface. Instead, each block presents its purpose by displaying lovely icons like harmonica for music playing. As your kid completes assorted build and programming levels, new levels unlock to enable the kid learn more skills.

Nintendo Switch

When it comes to gaming, the Switch is perhaps the most innovative technologies of 2017. It is one game console that lets you play on-the-go. This amazing gaming gadget comes with remarkable flexibility letting you change how and where to play, thanks to its removable Joy-Cons and ability to be propped up on a table or handheld. Perhaps the Switch’s uniqueness lies in the versatility of its Joy-Con controllers. You can opt to attach them to the gadget to use it as handheld, flail them around especially for motion-controlled games or pass one to a friend for multiplayer gaming. Indeed, the Switch’s potential to be used both as a home and portable console lies in the Joy-Cons. In addition, you’ll love the Nintendo Switch’s fantastic game lineup.

reMarkable Tablet

If you love drawing and writing, then you’ll find this gadget quite handy. It enhances your pen-and-paper experience to a striking level thanks to its felt nub and proprietary display. Although the Apple pencil may come with less latency, pushing its rubber nub against the iPad’s pane doesn’t feel natural like this startup’s slate.

LG Signature OLED W7 Wallpaper TV

In most instances, it’s quite hard to stand out especially in a market where dramatic is the standard. Yet, in some way, amid a wave of ultra-sharp 4K displays and glossy quality designs, LG has managed to come up with a product that stands out. The W7 Wallpaper TV has got not only an exceptionally thin design, but delivers amazingly gorgeous images. Its display panel is thin and gorgeous thanks to LG’s display-on-glass technology.

With a thickness of only 2.85 millimeters, the Wallpaper TV mounts to wall using magnets. It features a soundbar, which not only houses the system’s remarkable 60-watt Dolby Atmos Speakers, but also all of the system’s internal components that you find in a regular TV. The system’s power supply, inputs and outputs as well as media processors are all contained in the speakerbar, thus stripping the W7 display panel down to the bare fundamentals.

LG’s advancements in OLED displays have made the ultra-thin Wallpaper tech feasible. With LG OLED technology, the pixels create their own light thus getting rid of backlight, filters and diffusers associated with LCD technology. Definitely, this is one of the most innovative technologies of 2017 that’s not expected to go away any time soon and also influence future design and technological innovations a great deal.

iPhone X

Although iPhone X wasn’t the first to incorporate high-end technologies like OLED and facial recognition, the manner in which it executes these features better compared to its competitors is perhaps what makes this phone outstanding. The Face ID, Super Retina Display and A11 Bionic chip features gives iPhone X a slot in category of the most innovative technologies of 2017 in the industry.

Nvidia Max-Q

This is one of the most innovative technologies of 2017 that has really taken gaming to the next level. Max-Q is designed to give you a great, quiet gaming experience in a thin notebook. Thus with this awesome gadget, you no longer need to bear that thick, burdensome gaming laptop. And, although Max-Q GPUs might not be as powerful as the conventional ones, its thin design is really appealing.

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield is not only a 4K HDR streaming player but also a digital assistant, smart home hub and a gaming console. The device comes with a fully incorporated Google Assistant which can update you on traffic, sports scores, answer general trivia questions, open apps, add items to your to-do-list and even control your smart home gadgets. And, since Nvidia Shield runs on Android TV OS, operating it is as easy as operating an Android phone.

DJI Spark Drone

This awesome small drone’s uniqueness perhaps lies in its ability to fly without the help of a controller or Smartphone. Actually, all you have to do is wave your hand for the drone to fly and direct it through the sky using gestures. The Spark features a 3D sensor which helps it steer clear of trees and other barriers.


Star Wars Jedi Challenges

You may call it the Force, midi-chlorians or something else, but you’ll agree that Star Wars in all its redundancies has some kind of enchantment surrounding it.  It’s this sort of enchantment that has captivated hordes of fans through decades, amalgamating them into today’s crazy fan-base. And, Disney really knows how to harness the power in this magic and transform it into something quite innovative. It’s a tech that brings the lovely distant galaxy closer than ever before.

In partnership with Lenovo, Disney launched Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, a Smartphone-powered AR headset, complete with tracker beacon and lightsaber hilt. Jedi Challenges allows the Force Faithful travel the road from Padawan to Master through three cool, gripping games: Strategic Combat, Lightsaber Battle and Holochess. However, before the game could roll out, Disney had serious decisions to make and challenges to prevail over. For instance, after opting for a lightsaber-based experience, the next task was to avail it affordably quite appealingly. It’s for this reason that the team settled on a smartphone-powered device.