Sonos One: a Great Smart Speaker for Music Enthusiasts

Sonos has just unveiled Sonos One, an Alexa-enabled smart speaker expected to be a perfect option for music enthusiasts. The latest smart speaker from Sonos works perfectly well with the company’s other speaker models. Besides, Google Assistant support and Siri for this speaker are also coming. Alexa lets you adjust the volume of your music or ask it something else at your normal voice tone. What’s more, Sonos One can regulate its output to match your room’s acoustics thanks to the company’s True-play technology.

Amazing Controls

The speaker comes with a play and pause button on its top together with volume controls and controls that let you swipe backwards and forwards, skip or repeat a song. If you need some privacy, just press on your Sonos One’s microphone logo in order to disable its microphone. Sonos is also updating its other speakers with the Amazon’s digital assistant. This feature will help you control your Sonos speaker from an alexa-enabled hardware. Sonos speakers won’t work with only alexa but also other voice assistants including Google Assistant set to hit hi-fi sound systems in 2018.

Besides giving you full home music, Sonos One lets you play select songs only in select rooms. In partnership with giants like Samsung and Logitech, Sonos is working to make its speakers work perfectly with smart-home hardware. The company plans to add fifty partners by the end of 2017 and through 2018. And, if you’re a developer, the Sonos platform is open to you. This helps developers create technology that works in tandem.

This year, Sonos speakers are expected to have enhanced integration for iHeart Radio, Pandora, Tidal and Audible while in 2018, the speakers are expected to feature improved compatibility with iOS devices, as AirPlay 2 on the Sonos hardware. Thus, you’ll be able to control your Sonos speaker through Siri.