Top Android Games of 2018

Although Apple’s iOS perhaps features a better game selection, Android has undoubtedly made a significant advancement over the past few years. There are virtually hundreds of thousands of Android games titles covering a wide range of genres including sports, platforming, role-playing and many more. Getting the best pick from such a vast selection can be quite challenging. And, it’s for this reason that today we share with you some of the top android games of 2018. Here we go!

Madden NFL Football Mobile Version

An entertaining blend of hardcore sim and free-to-play fun, this game combines the franchise’s radical American Football action and tactical play together with a digital trading card system to enhance your team lineup. You’ll love the alluring glossy graphics featured in the mobile game. Besides, its tactical gameplay rewards your smart playbook options. You’ll also benefit from Madden’s live events and challenges that refashion the newest games and competitions.

The Room: Old Sins

This is the newest classic puzzle game from Fireproof Games and the fourth in the ward-winning “The Room” puzzle games series. It entails searching the home of an enthusiastic engineer who has gone missing when you discover a pretty weird dollhouse in the attic. With the help of an intricate eyepiece, you can search various rooms in the dollhouse that are filled with exceptionally intricate puzzle boxes and gizmos.  And, if you happen to solve all these puzzles, perhaps you’ll understand what befell the missing engineer and his wife.

If you’ve never before played any game from “The Room” series, then you’re in for one of the most fascinating games that you can ever play on your mobile phone. You’ll really love the manner in which the graphics and audio blend perfectly to create an amazingly nasty sensation as you cautiously examine sophisticated objects and unlock mysteries to help you on your journey.

Framed 2

This standalone prequel offers you more comic book conventionalized fun. As the story develops, you take charge of the action by reorganizing the comic book panels to assist your character get through each section. Frame 2 gives you a completely distinct way of playing games and you’ve probably never played anything like it before on your Android. Besides, it comes with a cool look and touch, and of course with a gripping story to keep you hooked.

Just Dance Now

Looking for a great family or group android game? Then, Just Dance Now is undoubtedly one of the top Android Games of 2018 that you should consider downloading. This mobile sequel of the hit console series presents over 200 titles to iOS and Android mobile devices including Jailhouse Rock – by Elvis Presley, Hungarian Dance No. 5 – by Johannes Brahms and Uptown Funk – by Mark Ronson among others. Although you can download this game freely, you’ll be required to pay for most songs. However, if you’re planning to have a single night entertainment, consider purchasing a temporary pass for as little as $1 per hour.


From the start, this intriguing and abstract game may look like another ordinary tile-swapping match game. However, Dissembler deciphers itself to be one of those puzzle games that virtually surpasses the genre, presenting you with a calming exploration of patterns in abstract design. Dissembler starts you off nice and easy, laying out the basic principles before progressively offering you more intricate puzzles. Featuring more than 120 puzzles with no time limits, move limits, in-app purchases or ads, Dissembler is definitely one of the top android games of 2018 that you really need to try out.

PUBG Mobile

You’ll love the way this immense PvP battle royal game plays on your Android. The game pits a hundred players against each other on a massive island equipped with arms, vehicles, ammunition and tactical gear. You can come in as a lone player or join a team. You’re then required to employ all your best skills to bring down your opponents until you’re the only one left standing. While it’s not the first popular PC or console release to make its way to Android, you’ll be amazed at how well this game plays on your smartphone.  Besides, even if you’re a first timer, you can easily collect and manage items and gain game experience thanks to PUBG’s design and robots included.

Island Delta

If you’re looking for a pretty stylish top-down action-adventure puzzle game, then Island Delta is one of the top android games of 2018 that you should really play on your mobile phone. This game created by Mantisbite lets you explore the secretive retro-futuristic island, hideout of Doctor Gunderson as our heroes, Zoe and Baxter. With the help of your anti-graft gun, you need to maneuver past mechanical cronies, traps and sentries as you solve puzzles to accomplish each level. The game’s cartoony graphics together with an exclusive design will instantly captivate you.


This rough and crazy top-down twin-stick shooter is undoubtedly one of the top android games of 2018 that you’ll discover to be an absolute blast to play on your mobile phone. In this game, you’re JYDGE, a cybernetic enforcement officer who makes use of his Gavel to dispense RoboCop-style justice. Each level of the game presents you with diverse challenges that are required to advance but never feel like a plodding task. By seizing illegal cash on the way, you’re capable of upgrading JYDGE and his Gavel with a wide range of accessories. As a result, JYDGE retains its predecessor Neon Chrome’s rogue-like feature by letting you replay levels with assorted upgrade combinations until you’re through with all the challenges.

World Series of Poker

If you’re a top poker player, this great android game will present you with cutting-edge competition right in your mobile device. The app lets you play with friends or online competitors as you refine your skills and secure a place in the world leaderboard.


This is a stunning puzzle game centered upon time manipulation. It’s such a wonderful game that lets you manage time and make adjustments to the level and change the sequence in a manner that helps your stranded astronauts achieve their goals. Established in simple yet lovely alien sceneries, this classy game will have your brain tormented as you strain figuring out how to direct each astronaut to their color-coded exit within the given time. This exceptionally sophisticated and thought-provoking game presents you with 60 mind-boggling puzzles to unlock and deal with.