Top E3 2018 Video Games You Might Have Missed Out

E3 is perhaps the most significant event in the gaming industry calendar. And, this year, it’s going on right now in Los Angeles. Usually, it’s at the E3 that all major publishers exhibit the games you should expect in the coming year or even the next few years. As we await for the big names to announce something that will keep us entertained, today we share with you some of the top E3 2018 video games you might have missed out. Plus, we’ll keep you updated, so remember to come back for the latest and hottest titles.

Fallout 76

After presenting a fast pre-E3 tease, Bethesda went ahead to offer us some decent gameplay for Fallout 76. Set in West Virginia preceding all other Fallout games, Fallout 76 resembles Fallout 4 quite a lot, except that it’s fully online. This implies that you can join forces with friends to survive the wasteland. Besides, it lets you decide whether to make friend or enemy of the strangers you come across in the gaming world.


News on Bethesda’s Starfield is arguably still the most significant announcement of the E3 2018. The brand-new sci-fi role-playing title has been said to be in the making for years but now, it’s finally out. Although details or gameplay are yet to be released, you should anticipate for a huge scope similar to that of Fallout or Elder Scrolls games.

DOOM Eternal

This will be a follow-up of the 2016’s game reboot of the first-person run-and-gun alien-slaying game. This top E3 2018 Video Game trailer puts The Doom Slayer back on an earth filled with devils, worms and much devastation. The Gameplay is coming to you on August 10, the time Bethesda shall give details about QuakeCon.

Halo: Infinite

Master Chief has formally made a comeback in Halo: Infinite. The game’s introduction trailer presents us with a glimpse at a beautiful, lively new world swarming with wildlife and monsters before quickly truncating to Microsoft’s Mjolnir-equipped Mascot. Although much of the Infinite’s details are yet to be known, all we know is that it will carry on with Master Chief’s story from Halo 5 and will be powered by Slipspace engine from Microsoft. Plus, it’s coming to your Xbox and PC too.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

All franchises finally meet the 80’s – at least that’s the impression this trailer will leave you with. A collaborative gameplay features stars Jess and Soph, B.J. Blazkowicz twin daughters, the Wolfenstein protagonist: The New Order as well as Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – the two seem to be in Paris to fight the Nazi scum. It will come to your Xbox one, PS4 and PC in 2019.

Unravel Two

Your captivating yarn-based Yarny Creatures, which you first encountered in 2016’s Unravel are here once more. Feeling mixed up? Then, watch this trailer forthwith to get entranced into a daze by the gorgeous forest levels and amazingly responsive characters. Unravel 2 lets you and your friend move these teeny-tiny characters around beautiful yet daring environments. Plus, you’ll get this game on your Xbox one, PS4 as well as PC.

Battlefield V

Our first glimpse at Battlefield V’s multiplayer mode revealed a ferociously intricate dogfight advanced both from air and the ground. Although the game appears gorgeous, you’ll love EA’s promise of ‘no paid expansions’ as it gains from its Star wars: Battlefront Controversy. In addition, you’ll get a Battle Royale now that it appears every game must come with one. When should you expect it on your Xbox one, PC or PS4? October 19 is the time.


This latest great title from Bioware resembles the Destiny meets Halo in many ways. However, for as gorgeous and swanky as this cinematic top E3 2018 video game is, we’re yet to know much about it and how it plays. Surely, the Javelin exosuits will arouse memories of your favorite robotic armor, right through pop culture. Expect this massive title on your PS4, Xbox one and PC on February 22 next year.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda has reported it’s working on the successor to the madly renowned Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. However, they haven’t divulged the game’s details. A peek at its trailer reveals an expansive landscape and the title: The Elder Scrolls VI – no plot, gameplay, platform or release date.

Kingdom Hearts III

As long as we knew Frozen content will make its way to the third installment of Kingdom Hearts, this trailer is more significant since we’ve now got a new release date. Therefore, if you find fascination in the visuals of Sora, Donald Duck together with Goofy freezing and fighting villains, in Elsa’s land of snow, then this is definitely one of the E3 2018 video game you should mark. This game will now come to your PS4, Pc and Xbox one on January 29, next year.

Cyberpunk 2077

The much anticipated RPG, from creators of the addictive and celebrated The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 is indeed one of the biggest surprises of E3 2018 this far. While its release date is yet to be announced, we’ve learned some attention-grabbing treats especially from the Easter eggs in its trailer. You’ll get coming DLC free of charge, the game won’t be DRM protected and there won’t be any micro-transactions.

Forza Horizon 4

This latest Horizon game appease like a love-letter to Britain with its rich affluent history of motorsport. The game lets you race in whichever conditions you like, since it comes with all four seasons. Besides, you’ll get to drive via Scotland and buy a house. What may make you want to own a property in a racing game is definitely something we’d all want to learn soon.

Just Cause 4

You’d be forgiven for taking this trailer for a marketing stuff for Just Cause 4’s predecessor. This game takes you back in action as Rico Rodriguez, and those remarkable explosions are going to set your screen afire.  And, as usual, you’ll be able to travel across the game in quite a number of vehicles including cars, tanks, parachutes and jets in a fictional South American Country called Solis. However, one major change with this game is that weather appears to play a major role as you’ll see Rico fly over a massive cyclone – and, you should find this sheer fun. This fascinating game is coming to your PC, Xbox one and PS4 on December 4.

Devil May Cry 5

Nero, DMC4’s protagonist has made a comeback, but this time around worn out. He’s not only lost an arm but his power too since protagonists usually do not set off in a new game with all of their artifices. To find solutions and reload his potential, he hunts through Red Grave City, with the help of a new sidekick called Nico, who has made him a new metal arm that’s sure to prove handy. You’ll get it on your Xbox, PC as well as PS4 the coming spring.

Gears 5

Just like The Fast and The Furious franchise, Gears of War 5 blares its title down to the most important words. It sets you off with Kait Diaz, who you play as, recollecting her nightmares of alien beasts and tentacles surrounding her compatriots. At some point, Kait points a gun on Delmont, demanding for the truth. A nearby scene exposes the icon on her necklace to be the Locust’s sigil – this gives her team reason to be suspicious of her trustworthiness. Gears 5 will come to your Xbox one and PC in 2019.