Top Free iPhone Apps that You’d Love to Have in Your Phone

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of iPhone Apps at your disposal and, the best part of it is that most of the top ones are actually free. From photography to travel, news to social networking and many more, today we share with you some of the top free iPhone Apps that you can download to supercharge your iPhone X or any other Apple phone. These Apps will not only enhance the functionality of your iPhone but also help you get fan out of it.


At first, you may consider Bandcamp unnecessary especially with the presence of Apple Music and Spotify. However, if you like adventuring further into the world of new music, then this is one of the top free iPhone apps that you’d really want in your phone. The service is stuffed with Indie musicians, whose music you can easily explore via the Bandcamp Weekly radio show or by checking over the app’s news feeds. Some albums are completely free to play while others let you preview only a few tracks.

Want to go the old-school way and really purchase some music? Bandcamp website has got you covered. You can download the music in a number of formats and, you can stream and watch the downloads on your iPhone, as akin tracks that you might also like trickle into your personal music feed.

IKEA Place

This app is basically a virtual catalog for the chain of furniture stores with a taste for large blue buildings. Besides, it’s a prominent app in the realms of augmented reality, displaying the future of shopping.  The app lets you pick a piece of furniture and place it right in your room. Thus, the app will let you get an idea of whether or not the piece of furniture you’re planning to buy will fit in the room. Besides, by pointing your iPhone’s camera to a product, this app can help you find something akin on the store.

Cake Browser

This is a mobile-centered web browser that wants to take you right to where you’d like to land. Rather than offering you with a list of search results, this app straightaway shows what it considers is the most applicable page as the other pages load in the background tabs. The app comes with a set of other features that lets you search specifically for videos, news, images as well as shopping. However, the downside of Cake app is that the sites that it uses aren’t configurable and the results it presents may not be necessarily what you’re looking for.


Bundler helps you create and share ZIP archives on your iPhone quite fast and effortlessly. Provided the apps that you’d like to share something from supports the standard iOS Share sheet, they’ll work perfectly well with this app. All you have to do is select the document that you’d like to share, press the share button and, you can opt to send the file to the ‘displayed’ bundle or create a fresh one.  In case you want to access your bundles, you can do so by simply opening the main bundle app.  You can rename the bundle as well as individual documents within the bundles. Besides, you can preview quite a number of documents within the bundle just to ascertain that you’ve made the right pick. Once you’re satisfied with your pick, you can tap the share button to send the bundle to an app or cloud as ZIP.


RememBear is an amazing password management tool. All that you’ve to do is input your website usernames and passwords. You don’t have to be worried either because everything you enter is completely secured behind a master password or Touch ID if your phone is compatible. In addition, this app works well with Safari for iPhone. However, it comes with its own built-in browser that lets you safeguard some passwords and activity from intrusive eyes. You can also use your logs across your different devices thanks to the app’s cross-device sync feature.


WhatTheFont is an app that helps you identify fonts. After loading an image from your iPhone or taking a photo using the app, WhatTheFont checks out location of all the words in a matter of seconds. Alternatively, you can tap a selection that you’ve made yourself and let the app find matches. Although chances of having an exact match are narrow, you can get something that at least captures the taste of your original if your image is very clear and the typeface is available on the app’s MyFonts service. Whether you’re a contracted designer or someone tasked with putting together that odd newsletter, this is one of the free iPhone apps that you’ll find quite handy.


If you’re a film lover, then this is one of the free iPhone apps that you really need on your iPhone. After signing in, this social app lets you view what your friends have been watching and comment on their reviews. Alternatively, you can use this app as a truly smart movie tracker. You can search for films and include them in your watch list. Whichever way you choose to use it, you’ll find Letterboxd a really entertaining app.


If you’re an average iPhone user looking for a handy graphic design tool, then Canva is one of the free iPhone apps that you should consider downloading. This app presents you with a blend of templates, filters and editable design features which you can use to create your invites or posters fast and quite effortlessly. Besides, Canva can help you import images, add text and goof off with a horde of drag-and-drop elements. You can also share your designs directly to social media or save the work on your iPhone.


Looking for a great to-do list manager? Then, you really need this app. It comes with an easy-to-use design, yet presents you with impressive advanced features to help you organize your to-dos in a great way. After placing your to-dos in your iPhone’s inbox, the app lets you consolidate them into lists, include deadlines and reminders, attach files, define auxiliary tasks for more intricate projects as well as set regular tasks to a repeat mode. Plus, you can share your lists a cross different platforms.


Koins is your unique currency converter app that seems to have been designed human users in mind. Instead of a functional ‘afterthought’ interface, this app presents you with something close to a revolutionary, lively calculator. You’ll love the app’s bloops and bleeps as you enter the numbers and select your currencies. Besides this playful feature, you can squish the keyboard for one-sided use, use the app in landscape or sync data through iCloud. However, one limitation of the free version of this app is that it can’t let you check out how currencies have performed over time. You need to unlock premium version to achieve this.