Top Games Optimized for the iPhone X

Equipped with a powerful A11 Bionic processor and a dazzling 5.8-inch OLED screen, iPhone X is a true mobile gaming monster. And, although nearly every game can take advantage of iPhone X’s powerful guts, as of now, only a few titles are fully optimized to cover every inch of the phone’s borderless display. From amazing augmented reality experiences to captivating artsy indie games, today we share with you some of the top games optimized for the iPhone X that shows what the potential of your new phone is like.

The Machines

Definitely, this is one of the most excellent iOS augmented-reality games that your iPhone X can ever offer you. The Machines transforms any real-world surface into a war-zone.  The AR strategy game makes use of your iPhone X’s camera to project a highly detailed battlefield onto your floor or table, where you can command units and move around without restraint in real life to view the chaos from any perspective.

Marvel: Contest of Champions

Marvel’s big mobile game presents you with tight, swipe-based game play and lots of iconic characters to unlock. This game plays on your iPhone X effortlessly thanks to the A11 chip, which gets the action running efficiently. Plus, you’ll love the way everything from the complex palaces of Asgard to the blues of Captain America’s suit pop on your phone’s OLED screen.

Warhammer 40000: Freeblade

This is a breathtaking third-person shooter game that allows you to blast your way through a series of jaw dropping surroundings as a giant mech. Freeblade’s gratifying shooting feels exceptionally intuitive and even takes advantage of your Iphone X’s 3D Touch capabilities to allow you zoom in on enemies, something you achieve by pressing harder on the screen. This game is also a great showcase of the iOS 11’s augmented reality capabilities as it comes with a separate AR mode which enables you to take pictures of your mech in the real world.

Chameleon Run

A simple yet highly addictive game, Chameleon Run requires you to constantly change your character’s colors as you hop from one platform to another. The game’s vivid yellow and purple colors look great especially on your iPhone X OLED display and, absence of bezels on the phone lets you fully leverage its mesmerizing levels.


Perhaps Nintendo won’t bring The Legend of Zelda to smartphones in the near future. However, Oceanhorn can serve as a perfect substitute. This fascinating 3D adventure game looks just as good on your iPhone as it does on a console. Plus, it features eye-catching water effects and lots of amazing colorful environments. This is one of the top optimized games for iPhone X that you’d really love to play. It presents you with a healthy blend of puzzle-solving, adventure and combat.

The Talos Principle

This is a first-person puzzle game that lets you work through over 120 challenges, as you unstitch the app’s baffling, philosophical story-line.  Although the game’s progressively challenging puzzles and appealing plot are reason enough to play the Talos Principle, the game is also a visual stunner. The remarkable blend of disintegrated ruins and futuristic technology leverages the iPhone X’s brawny processor and lovely borderless display.

Modern Combat Versus

Modern Combat Versus is one of the top games optimized for the iPhone X that presents you with amazing console-grade graphics right on your phone. This stunning first-person-shooter places a multiplayer spin on long-running series thus presenting you with powerful, bite-size matches that feels really great as a result of fluid movement and responsive touch controls.

Splitter Critters

Splitter Critters is an unrivaled puzzle game in which lets to you literally tear down and slide around the game world to direct a group of adorable spot characters to their goals. What’s more, this game comes with a special AR mode which lets you project the play area onto any surface of your home.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is one game that will look great on virtually all kinds of phones. However, there’s something special about playing this game on a large, borderless OLED display. You’ll really love the extra vibrancy of the mushroom kingdom’s bright colors on your iPhone X. Plus, the absence of bezels on the phone lets you view every Goomba and Koopa coming.

Alto’s Adventure

This is an exceptionally addicting snowboarding game that features a single-tap control scheme, which is amazingly easy to learn but quite difficult to master. The game’s lovely, simple graphics are just perfect for your iPhone X’s boarderless display. You’ll get to enjoy a wide range of calming, exciting colors as you try time and again to top your high score.