Top Halloween Party Invitation Designs

The Halloween celebrations are here with us once more, in fact it’s only a few days to the big day. Halloween night, characterized by children wearing costumes walking around the neighborhoods knocking on doors and demanding for treats and tricks, is definitely a joyous night. During this night, adults have their part of the fun too. It gives a perfect opportunity for family and friends get-together and dinner parties. And, for guests to attend such a gathering or party, you need to inform them about the event in advance.

Although a phone call or a text message can serve the purpose, sending invitation cards to your expected guests remains the most appropriate means. This is because a card gives your invitation not only a formal look but also expresses a sense of sincerity to your invitees in requesting them to attend your event. Today, we share with you some of the top Halloween party invitation designs that will make your invitations task hassle-free.

Trick or Treat Halloween Invitation Party Design


If you’re looking for something simple yet artistic, then this is one of the top Halloween party invitation designs that you should think of. The design’s solid black background contrasts alluringly with the ghost silhouette bearing the text, while the custom-made font used enhances the overall great look of this design. And, working with this design is super easy as all that you need to do is to customize its text to suit your needs, and your Halloween invitation card is ready.

Scary Monotone Halloween Party Invitation Designs


This Halloween party invitation looks quite spine-chilling thanks to its style that looks like a horror film or movie poster. The design employs silhouette imagery and gray scale color scheme quite effectively thus making the invitation ideal not only for the particular party you’re hosting but also the entire Halloween season.

Spooky Cartoon Ghost Halloween Costume Party Invitation Design


 This invitation design featuring spooky ghost is perfect for your Halloween costume party. The enlarged text together with the white cartoon ghost images presents your audience with information on what the invitation is all about just at a glance.

Set of 3 Halloween Invitations


This set of Halloween invitations gives you three artistic options for notifying expected attendees about your Halloween event. Undoubtedly, these are among the few alluring top Halloween party invitation designs that you can get at this price range. Although this design’s font is regrettably not editable, the designs still remain a great option.

Halloween Kids Party Invitation Design


Although partying during Halloween night is commonly associated with grown-ups (perhaps because kids are busy walking around the neighborhood asking for treats and tricks), you can host a kids party as well. Though rare during the Halloween night, such parties can be quite entertaining to kids. And, if you’re planning to host such an event, this invitation design can be just perfect for you.

Contemporary Sleek Halloween Party Invitation Design


If you’re planning to give your Halloween invitations a fresh contemporary look, this could be one of the top Halloween party invitation designs you should consider using. It comes with a lovely textured color gradient background that matches well with the text and silhouette image on the foreground. You’ll love the accentuation that the dark background gives this design’s lettering. The lustrous text at this designs center gives it a catchy modern look while the scary images enhance your party’s theme.

Halloween Monster Mash Party Invitation


Costume parties are the commonest thing that you’ll always see during Halloween celebrations. And, this design can serve the very purpose. The invitation design’s text is perfectly organized thus making it easily readable. This design presents you with two color options to choose from. Plus, you can also opt for the portrait or the landscape orientation.

Simple Chalkboard Halloween Party Invitation Design


If simplicity is all you want when it comes to designing your Halloween party invitations, this is the template. The design largely makes use of text to present your invitees with relevant details concerning the party. In spite of its simplicity, this design comes with remarkable visual appeal, thanks to the perfect contrast and clarity that the chalkboard background gives the text.

Creepy Bloody Halloween Party Invitation Design


If you’d like to have a design that really makes maximum use of space, this is one of the top Halloween party invitation designs that you need. You can choose to place your event’s date, time and name of the invitee on the front side of the invitation, and your details as the host such as name, social media page and contacts at the back side for RSVP reasons.  

Scary Skeleton Halloween Party Invitation Design


Featuring a scary image with a skeleton mask, this design comes with remarkable simplicity. If you’re looking for a really simple way of inviting friends and family members to your Halloween event, this is a perfect option for you. The design uses minimal colors, including only key details such as date, time and street address for your event. However, you can include other details on your custom design if need be.  

These days, creating a great Halloween party invitation shouldn’t be hard given the tons of downloadable and easily customizable templates available online. The top Halloween party invitation designs that we’ve just shared above have been carefully selected from among the very best. Therefore, make a point of selecting the design that appeals to you the most, download it and get down to customizing it to suit your needs.