Top Hurricane and Storm Tracking Apps

Whether you’re currently in the impending path of destruction or just watching from afar, we all agree that Hurricanes have proved to be one of the most devastating natural calamities of all times. Today, we share with you some of the top storm tracking apps that can help you track and stay safe from the devastating hurricanes.


Hurricane Tracker

If you’d like to track a hurricane, this app will help just do that. The weather channel provides the app as a stand-alone service that features weather conditions, future forecasts, storm maps and 20 assorted map layers. While the app doesn’t come with any sort of safety information, its usefulness should be obvious for individuals in the hurricane path. Hurricane tracker is especially handy for amateur meteorologists.

American Red Cross Hurricane App

Like many of the storm tracking apps, this app from American Red Cross serves you with real-time weather alerts. Besides, you can use this app to check in with your loved ones. Thus, if you’re in a storm’s path, you can post messages and safety situations and your loved ones can easily locate them. Although you may attain this on social media, this app comes with a much smaller, user-directed base resulting to a much reduced noise-to-noise signal ratio.

Mikes Weather Page

This app presents you with lots of static as well as animated weather maps on virtually every meteorological topic that you can think of. Mike’s weather is undoubtedly one of the best designed amateur weather apps in the industry.

Google Earth

This app incorporates data on the storm directly from NOAA. It then provides you with simulated images of the hurricane’s looks and motion. To turn on the hurricane tracking, just enable the places layer then enter your location of choice.


This great app will not only link you with weather-tracking services and provide you with real-time updates on impending dangerous conditions but also help you prepare for storms, presenting you with checklists as well as shelter locations. Plus, the app lets you apply for federal aid, apply photos and communicate directly with FEMA agents.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

NOAA’s dedicated weather app is somewhat basic. Therefore, consider using the organization’s mobile widget. Once you access the agency’s site and enter a location, you can program a widget for your home screen. This will present you with the weather condition updates in your location, with the data coming directly from NOAA.

The Weather Channel App

Perhaps you’re used to it as that channel that you watch when you can’t get sleep! However, the popular mobile app comes with loads of useful weather-related data that keeps you updated with real-time alerts. Even after the storm, this app will continue serving you with important weather forecasts.


Observing hurricane from the ground can be a great ingredient for disaster while doing the same from space can be quite a splendid experience. The NASA’s official app tracks all kinds of earthly phenomena including unusual weather conditions from satellites. This app will provide you with real images as the storm develops. Thus it will help you predict its path and get a sense of its magnitude. Even after the storm you can still keep the app to get other interesting information about the United States space program.


While storms are known to interfere with radio signals, there’s no harm downloading this app. It may proof to be handy just in case your Wi-Fi or mobile data turns to be quite unreliable. The app connects you with radio stations from all over the country including a good number of news radio stations. Considering how important radio can be especially in communicating timely information regarding safety conditions and shelters, this is definitely one of the backup storm tracking apps that you should have. However, remember to set up an account in advance.


Perhaps you’d like to evacuate due to the storm but aren’t sure how to go about it. This is one of the great storm tracking apps that you should have. The app lets you know how to move from one location to another whether by bus, car, train, ferry or plane. Evacuations often tend to be quite messy affairs. Therefore, it won’t hurt knowing the alternatives at your disposal especially if using your car doesn’t seem workable.