Top Mobile Multiplayer Party Games

Although drinks, chit-chat with some background music can get your party moving, a nice party game can make the party significantly memorable. And, instead of looking for esoteric game boards or continually shambling decks of cards, you can make use of your tablet or Smartphone to have the fun. Considering lots of holiday parties on the way, today we feel obliged to share with you some of the top mobile multiplayer party games. Whether you’d like to amaze your guests with song and dance, electrify them with your memorabilia or amuse them with your exceptional drawing skills, here are top mobile multiplayer party games that can add fun to even the most lifeless party.

Jut Dance Now

Perhaps there’s no better way of bringing people together than getting them dance. Unfortunately, not all of us know how to dance, and this is where Just Dance Now becomes handy. A derivative of the hit console series, Just Dance Now equips your iOS and Android Smartphones with over 200 titles including ‘Jailhouse Rock’ by Elvis Presley, ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson and Johannes Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5′ among others. Although it’s one of the top mobile multiplayer party games that can be downloaded free of charge, you’ll need to pay for some songs. However, if you’re planning for a single night entertainment, you can consider purchasing a temporary pass for as little as $1 per hour.

Psych! Outwit Your Friends

With inspiration from group games like Balderdash, this game has you work out craziest yet logical answers to questions with the aim of spoofing your friends as you score points. Each player confidentially presents a zany yet plausible answer to questions. After collection, the submissions together with the correct answers displays on the screen as players try to make out which is the right answer. If a player selects your submission, you earn a point. Also, if you guess the right answer, you earn a point. Crazy topics and themes in this game present you with a great way of having fun with your family and friends at your forthcoming party.


If you’re looking for entertaining dancing mobile multiplayer party games, Bounden could be all that you need. This game makes use of your Smartphone’s motion sensors to get you to move. One feature that makes this game distinct is that it’s designed to be played with a partner. It involves the two players holding either end of a smartphone then incline the device to make the on-screen sphere move through a path of rings. When playing, you swing your arms around, twist your bodies, and before you know it, you’re both dancing. The app features 7 dances created by the Dutch National Ballet and classical music written with dance in mind.

Jackbox Party Pack

This party pack features some of the top Jackbox games into a single bunch. If you’re a trivia fan, the latest ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ edition in this pack will really entertain you. The game features odd trivia questions and mini-games, crazy narration and demented odd fictitious ads and sponsors. The pack also features bluffing game Fibbage, true-or-false Lie Swatter game, Word Spud and Drawful. What’s more, with these games, you can transform your smartphone and web browser into a mobile game controller. This enables you to set up murk of crazy couch gaming fun quite easily.

King of Opera

Although Tuokiko has released many mobile games geared toward same device multiplayer, King of Opera is perhaps the most hilarious and outstanding one. In this rough fighting game, players act as competing tenors trying to snatch attention from the other singers by body-pushing them out of stage. The game comes with simple, single-button controls assigned for each player at the screen’s corners. You use this button to propel your tenor forward into the other pirouetting singers.

Heads Up

Heads up is a charades-themed multiplayer party game highly popularized on the Ellen DeGeneres TV show. The game requires you to guess as many words as possible out of a themed deck of charades cards based on your partner’s hints. When it’s your turn to play, you hold your device up on your forehead, with the screen exhibiting the guessed word. The deck themes feature movies, celebrities, animals, etc. Plus, you can create your own custom decks for $0.99 per deck.

Party Doodles

You love doodling? Then, this is one of the top mobile multiplayer party games perfect for you. This game lets you do your lovely doodles right on your screen instead of doing it on paper pads and chalkboards. You can play the game in teams, taking turns to guess words based on your competitors’ doodles. What’s more, Party Doodles supports Apple TV, thus you can beam your doodles on the large screen for easier time with all players. And, the app features tons of free content. You can also get more theme decks as in-app purchases.

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes is an amazing multiplayer VR-enabled game. The players need either a Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream headset. This group game involves players helping defuse a live bomb within a limited time. However, only the player with a VR set can actually control the bomb. The other players can only give directions using a set of defusing manuals, which they can download freely. Basically, this gives rise to a mix up of several directions, all around confusion and amusement.

Who Can’t Draw

Inspired by the Telephone game, Who Can’t Draw utilizes your touch screen as a drawing pad for some garbled message fun. The first player is presented with a word to draw within some limited time and each of the players down the line given a limited time to understand and copy the image. The last player in the group is supposed to guess what the word was, and can then recommend players as the best and worst artist for that round. While the app features basic word packs, you can access additional themed packs such as Star Wars, Pokemon or Big Screen by watching ads or via in-app purchases.

Evil Apples

This is a nice starter party game that challenges players to fill in the blanks with the most hilarious, outlandish or just downright outrageous statements possible. Every round, one of the players assumes the role of a judge, reads the question card as each of the other players chooses one of the answer cards. The judge then awards a point. And, the first player to win seven rounds becomes the winner. Although the base game is available for free, you can get additional card packs as in-apps purchases.