Top Modern Logo Designs

Although retro and vintage designs dominate, modern logo designs still have got their place in the world of logo designing. Indeed, contemporary logo designs are not only fashionable but also capable of grabbing people’s attention quite easily. And, the logo design that you select should work well with your business or company it represents. To get you started, today we share with you some of the top modern logo designs that you can use to represent your company. While most of these logos have been designed for specific purposes, some are generic hence you can use them on virtually all kinds of business.

Clean Statistics Company Modern Logo Design


Statistics is definitely one of the critical fields that we can’t do without especially when it comes to measurable attributes such as population, financial gain or loss, etc. Although these days you can do the tasks online or using downloadable software, there are companies out there specifically specialized in statistics. And, if you’re designing a modern logo for such a company, this design can be the most appropriate for you.

Beautiful and Elegant Modern Logo Design


A good logo design should grab the attention of your target audience instantly for it to serve its purpose quite effectively. And, that’s exactly what a beautiful, elegant logo design like one featured here will do. The golden element particularly adds profound elegance to the logo design. This is one of the top modern logo designs that can work perfectly in the photography industry.

Simple Jewel Modern Logo Design


This modern logo design featuring a diamond image comes with remarkable simplicity and visual appeal. The limited number of colors used together with the short but easily readable text makes the logo design not only simple but also appealingly uncluttered. If you’re in the jewelry business, this is a perfect logo option that you should consider using.

Photography Modern Logo Design


Although most companies these days use flat or minimalist logo designs, textured logos (like one featured here) come with spectacular visual appeal. This is one of the modern logo designs that you can use to effectively represent your photography company. It features the first letter of your photography company enclosed in what looks like an artistically designed camera lens.  The minimal use of colors makes the logo simple while the textured element enhances its elegance and visual appeal.

Real Estate Modern Logo Design


If you’re a real estate agent or company looking for a simple yet appealing way to represent your business, then this logo design will be a nice one. The logo features buildings under a sunny sky with a place to insert the name of your company.

Modern Globe Company Logo Template


Besides showing the nature of company, a logo design often shows the extent of services. Thus, multinational companies often use logos featuring a globe to show that they sell their goods or services internationally. This simple, yet attractive company logo can be a perfect way of representing your international company. It features a spherical symbol representing and name of your company which when people see, they can easily recognize your company.

Electric Company Modern Logo Design


Electric power companies are among the most successful companies in the world. And, you need to represent such a company in the most powerful manner possible using a great logo design. If you’re planning to create a modern logo design for an electric power company, you’ll find this template quite handy.

The modern logo designs that we’ve just shared have been carefully selected from the very best. What’s more, they’re the works of some of the top notch graphic designers out there. And, since the logos come in vector format, you can edit them quite easily to match your company or business. Therefore, select the design that appeals to you the most, download it and start creating a logo design that will represent your business or organization in the most contemporary manner possible.