Top Motion Graphic Trends of 2017

Motion graphics refers to pieces of digital footage or animation which brings about a chimera of motion or rotation. Normally, motion graphics are accompanied with sound and, they’re quite useful in multimedia projects. Year in year out, motion graphics trends change to keep pace with the evolving technology and adapt to the audience preference. Looking for motion graphic trends that you can incorporate in your artistic work? Then, check out this list of top motion graphic trends that have really dominated in 2017.

360-Degree Perspective

Sometime back, panoramic view became so popular to an extent that it became a trend in quite a number of design aspects. However, panorama gives you limited capabilities, allowing you to cover up to 180-degrees only. Also, you can use it on only photos and, achieving it on videos is almost impossible. Although panoramic view is still in use today, 360-degrees perspective is of greater use and one of the top motion graphics trends so far. This is because it lets you present your audience with work that can be viewed from all angles. What’s more, you can use 360-degrees perspective on both still images and motion videos.

Blend of 2D and 3D

Over the recent past, you may have noticed that many motion graphic designs adapt a comic book-like look. Designers have achieved this by blending 2D and 3D graphics. 2D and 3D animation hybrid is also used in the gaming industry especially in video games as can be evidenced in Parappa the Rapper and Street Fighters IV and V. In the film industry, there’re lots of animated movies that employ both 2D and 3D graphics including the Black Cauldron, Iron Giant and Treasure Planet. Besides the gaming and filming industries, the trend has also infiltrated web designing where it’s incorporated to the scrolling website system, commonly called parallax scrolling. This is the same effect that designers use for slideshows.

Animated Illustrations

Although simple illustrations still have a place today, you can’t ignore the pace with which animated illustrations have trended especially in the advertisement industry. They’re quite a popular trend even in web designing. This is because animated illustrations allow advertisements to express themselves more. One advantage of using animated illustrations is that it lets you adopt a simplified storytelling approach quite effortlessly. You can use the feature as cut-scenes in video games and as flashback/intro sequence in films alongside a narration. This approach lets your audience concentrate less on visuals and more on the narration.

Retro-Inspired Style

This is another trend that has really grown over the recent past. You’ve seen retro-styled themes on advertisement tools like flyers, posters, brochures, where they’re used to grab people’s attention easily. Besides motion graphics, designers have used this style in many other aspects of designing too. Perhaps the reason why retro-inspired styles have remained trendy is due to their unmatched visual appeal and high versatility. Also, with sufficient knowledge and skills, you can create these styles quite easily thanks to the tons of online and downloadable editing tools available out there.

Blending Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and Live-Action

Blending live-action footage with computer generated imagery is another style that has really trended in the world of motion graphics. The media has used this style for quite some time now. Thus, if you’re in the media and would like to express your work even more, then this is one of the top motion graphic trends that you really need. With this style, you stand to achieve more than what you’d with live-action elements alone. CGI together with the ever evolving technology has made it easier for graphic designers to achieve almost everything in the most convincing and real-like imagery possible.

Clean Minimalist Designs

This is one of the top motion graphic trends that continues to appeal to many people today. This is because such designs are not only easy-on-the-eyes but also easier to understand. Besides advertising, minimalist designs have found application in other aspects too. For instance, in the digital world, a number of OS and devices have adapted this theme nowadays. Thus, their logos and icons feature a flatter appearance with no shadings or decorative effects. You can also see clean designs in animated shows, as evidenced by the many Cartoon Network and Disney shows including We Bare Bares, Powerpuff Girls Reboot and Gravity Falls. Aside from its visual appeal, minimalist designs lets the audiences concentrate on the more critical aspects.